“Did you feel that?” Leon pressed his hands to his lover’s broad chest. It was four in the morning and he’d just got in on the red-eye from D.C. He was exhausted, but sleep wasn’t an option. Marcus wanted to show him how much he’d missed him. “The earth moved.”

“It sure did,” Marcus whispered as he pushed his face into the crease of Leon’s neck. He then sucked, nipped and kissed a path downward over Leon’s heated skin.

Pleasure and arousal shot to Leon’s dick as Marcus moved lower and over his stomach. Marcus’s wet, warm tongue dipped in and out of his navel in sensual waves. God, it was distracting. “No, not like that.” He tapped Marcus’s arm, waiting for his lover to lift his head. “Literally, I felt the earth move,” he insisted. “The building moved.” It had unnerved him and he curled his hands against the solid feel of Marcus’s shoulders.

Marcus grinned as he looked at Leon with lustful hazel eyes. “I know I’m good, but…”

“Shut up.” Leon tried to relax and shuffled lower into his pillow.

“You mean I’m not?” Marcus curled down his bottom lip and looked up puppy-eyed as he rested his chin on Leon’s stomach.

Leon rolled his eyes, though he did appreciate the humor. It was comforting to have Marcus close. “You know you always score ten,” he said and stroked back Marcus’s dark blond hair. Marcus responded with a smile. “Out of twenty.”

“Oh,” Marcus huffed. “I see. It’s like that is it?” He narrowed his eyes and Leon stuck out his tongue. Grinning, he tickled Leon and danced his fingers across the sensitive skin of his stomach and sides.

Leon squirmed and laughed, and grabbed hold of Marcus’s hands. “Stop it,” he said breathlessly. He was glad of the distraction.

“It was just a little quake, that’s all,” Marcus reassured him and rolled sideways onto the bed into the space beside Leon. Shuffling under the covers, he wrapped his arm around Leon and pulled him close. “It would barely have registered.”

Closing his eyes, Leon relaxed into the hug. He’d never experienced a quake before. They were rare on the East Coast.

Marcus pulled him close. “I’ll protect you.”

Leon smiled to himself as he felt Marcus’s long, talented fingers draw soothing circles on his arm. He was pretty sure Marcus would have had him ducking in a closet if it was anything serious. He sighed contently, feeling safe in the strong arms of his lover.

“Do you regret it?” Marcus asked as he continued to map feather-light touches up and down Leon’s arm and shoulder. His voice was low and serious. “The move?”

Leon opened his eyes and carefully rolled over. He smiled as he met Marcus’s eyes. They were warm and inviting, and felt like home. How could Leon ever regret being here with him? “No. No regrets.”

The move to Oregon had been difficult at first. He’d left behind his safe old life and taken a chance. He’d taken a chance on them. Smiling, he kissed Marcus and laid several lingering pecks to his mouth. Sure their situation was scary and new, but it was what Leon wanted. D.C. had been his whole world—his home, his job, family and friends. Sure people thought he was crazy, and maybe he was, but he was in love. He kissed Marcus, this time deepening the kiss as he curled his fingers in the back of his lover’s hair. He laughed as Marcus ran his hand across the sensitive spot between the base of his spine and the top of his ass. Pulling himself close, he pressed his body to Marcus’s. Where were they before they’d been rudely interrupted by the quake?

“I missed you,” Marcus said as he moved his fingers over Leon’s skin, trailing a path over the length of his spine.

“Last time,” Leon assured him. His house in D.C. was sold and he’d worked his notice. “I’m all yours.” He caught Marcus’s mouth in a tender kiss, taking the time to enjoy the velvety feel and taste of his lover’s lips. Eventually he pulled back, turning his head as he yawned.


Leon shook his head. “I’m fine,” he lied.

Marcus smiled and gently cupped Leon’s face, running a delicate line over his cheek. “Come here.” He opened his arms, inviting Leon in for a hug, and Leon was more than happy to accept.

Shuffling forward, Leon rested his head on Marcus’s shoulder and closed his eyes. He sighed tiredly as Marcus began stroking his hand through his short, dark hair. The motion of Marcus curling his fingers at the nape of his neck soothed him, and a pleasurable shiver passed down his spine. He had no regrets. He smiled as Marcus kissed his forehead. This is where he wanted to be. “I love you,” he declared in a small voice and rested his hand against Marcus’s firm chest. He really did.

The End

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