Mitch has to contend with feelings for an old love and his growing attraction to Isaac.


The past has a powerful hold on Mitch, but meeting Isaac makes him desperate for a future filled with love.
Isaac is desperate to break into the world of fashion design and be seen as something more than just an airhead model with no imagination. Set to debut his new collection, he has the models, the clothes. All he needs is a location, and he turns to an industry trouble-shooter for help. 
Mitch’s latest client needs an exotic location for a model shoot, and he happens to know someone with the very thing—Sapphire Cay. What starts as just another job turns out to be more exhilarating than winning any multi-million-dollar contract, particularly when he connects with Isaac again, who is far from the airhead model he presented as. As the fashion shoot gets underway, Mitch has to contend with complicated feelings for his old flame, Dylan, and the growing love he has for Isaac. 


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