Return to Sapphire Cay for Christmas.


Christmas is a time for family on Sapphire Cay, but forgiveness is difficult to give and sometimes even harder to receive.
Lucas and Dylan invite their friends to share in their Christmas celebrations on the island along with Lucas’s sister, Tasha, and her husband. Christmas is a time for family, forgiveness, and looking to the future, and this year Dylan has to face all three ghosts.
Unearthing the memories of two men in love, frozen in time and buried among the island’s history, Lucas and Dylan realize that sometimes loving someone is not always enough. It’s about being brave and taking the next step, to learn from the past to move forward.
Family has always been important to Lucas since his own was destroyed by tragedy. Though Dylan disapproves of his methods, Lucas has nothing but good intentions about wanting Dylan to reconcile with his father. The two Gray men haven’t spoken properly in years, their relationship strained by heartache and mistakes reaching back into Dylan’s childhood.


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